Collection: Titus Marques

Born in Rockport, Maine, Titus Marques has long called Richmond home. After graduating from Longwood University with an Education degree, he traveled Europe to explore his Portuguese heritage. It was that sabbatical that inspired him to pursue a life of creating art.

With works that combine collage, abstract expressionism, and feature a bold use of colors that draw on his connection to Portugal, he believes in spontaneous creation, layering colors, fabrics and found objects to crystalize a final piece.

His works have been shown both locally and internationally and have garnered numerous awards. You can see more of his work on permanent display at his studio at 3325 West Cary Street in Richmond, Virginia.

From the artist: "I use acrylic paints, fabric, and paper to create layers until I find what I'm looking for. Most of the different fabrics and papers are painted, colored, or treated in some way by me before use however, sometimes a piece of a scarf or dress is perfect just as it is. I use every scrap and every last drop of paint. When a container of paint is finished, I add water, shake it up, and pour it on whatever materials are next. This creates an ever changing collection of materials and surprises." 

Titus welcomes the opportunity to create commissioned work. Contact the Gallery Coordinator if you're interested in commissioning a piece.

All pieces are 56x44 inches.