Collection: Oxana Balke

Oxana Balke is an artist based in Charlottesville, VA. She was born in Moldova, and has lived in Belgium, Germany, and Italy. Oxana has traveled to over 20 countries, and she loves fashion and collects antiques.

Oxana works at University of Virginia, and she graduated from Central Texas College (CTC), as well as the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC).

Oxana works primarily with oil paint, using vibrant, bright and happy colors, in an effort to enhance the natural beauty of the world. She draws inspiration from everyday things indoors and out.

To Oxana, painting is movement. Painting is living in a moment, even if that moment ends up being hours and hours.

Latest Exhibitions:
University of Virginia Hospital (UVA).
Crossroads Arts Center, Richmond, VA.

My artist website:
Colorful Art | Oxanabalke | Charlottesville