Collection: Margo Bozarth

Margo Bozarth Benefield grew up in Richmond VA. She received her art degree from James Madison University. Margo recently remarried and relocated to Raleigh after working in the salon industry for thirty years.

The large swirls developed mostly by accident. Circular shapes and movement began to emerge at the beginning of the pandemic. In an attempt to put color to the whirlwind of thoughts about the state of her personal world, this series of paintings evolved.

The atmospheric abstracts are an expression of pure overlapping colors created by playing with new mediums. Finally having a studio space set up, after having limited room from relocating during lockdown, bright clear colors seemed the way to see happiness in chaos.

Finally, the strong controlled stripes are another playful experiment with the acrylic mediums. From loose atmospheric layers to determined geometry. A blend of art and science. Math and dreams.

Having worked in oils and representational imagery, the newest abstracts have been pure escapism. Despite the difficulties we’ve been enduring lately, these works are visual thank you notes to the infinite beauty in the world.