Collection: Julie Fritz

Abstract Landscape Artist Statement

"I create not a portrait of the landscape but a story of the landscape."

All of my landscapes are grounded in a real place and time; the creeks, rivers, bays, the lakes, and oceans. To these settings I add my experience as a life-long, dedicated artist and observer of nature to a multitude of available ingredients: top grade oils, cold wax, sand, gold leaf, marble dust, graphite, dry pigments. I always hope my paintings are just abstract enough to take the viewer deeper without losing the essence of Place.

The process in creating my paintings consists of simple compositions but multiple layers of color to give the work depth. I usually include a horizon and large areas of color balanced with texture and loosely-defined detail. I have had many people comment that they see something different each time they look at a painting. I love how abstract art engages viewers and encourages them to spend time looking at the work.

I apply 20 to 30 layers of color and texture onto a large birch board with a two inch cradle. On this sturdy board much drama takes place as layer upon layer of oil color and cold wax is  applied and manipulated, stressed, and then scraped back to reveal the rocks, and rivers, and soil as they are willing to express themselves. The end result is a complex transparency which brings the painting to life.