Collection: Jill Ward

My work starts with intuitive choices. When I start a painting I will see a shape in my mind or simply feel I must use a certain color.  This is where I start and eventually the piece builds up through layers and layers of reactions to what is on the surface until it comes to life.

The imagery is not random but originates from a sensitivity to what I see in everyday life. Sometimes I will simply see a stick laying on the ground and I find the shape intriguing, sometimes I become mesmerized by the lights of the city from a distance or the silhouette of a building.  What catches my eye stays with me even after it is no longer in front of me and influences the abstract forms and colors that I choose for the canvas.

I am an artist, but I am also a mother, a wife and a teacher.   My life is full and I am grateful to be able to create in the way that I do and to share it with others.   I live and work near Richmond, VA.